Eppler at work

Eppler's shop

1974: Aleksandr Eppler crafting a DO (wedding) kaval in the style of Slavi Ivanov (Tonev) using cornelian cherry with black bull's horn.

2017: For Kaval Park, Aleksandr Eppler will be making his new Eppler model kaval!


Student & Teacher

For Kaval Park Aleksandr recounts stories of one of his greatest mentors Dragan Karapchanski.

Kaval Park BUDGET

Your support is what makes this project possible! We have raised 40% of the budget as of May, 2018 from people like you! The budget of $50,000 includes a year of filming in the USA & Bulgaria, hundreds of hours of montage, subtitles, marketing and is modest for a film of this scale. Thank you for your support! Your donation of any size is a 100% tax-deductible courtesy of Bulgarian Education and Culture Society PCHELA.

Ever since spending 8 unbelievable years immersed in authentic 1970's Bulgaria, maestro Alexander Eppler's dream has been to craft kavals and play music for a living. A dream he has yet to see come true despite his superb world-renowned craftsmanship and musical talent. Recent health issues further complicate an already hard-fought struggle. Will this be his last chance?

Making a documentary of this scale and vision requires time & resources. We are grateful for any donations which will go to support filming in the USA & Bulgaria as well as editing, subtitles, sourcing of archival footage and marketing.

We have received incredible support from communities and individuals in the US, Bulgaria and across the globe! You can DONATE HERE and help us finish the film. Thank you!

The realization of Kaval Park is made possible by the support of Bulgarian Education and Culture Society PCHELA.

With a mission to preserve and share Bulgarian traditions and cultural heritage, PCHELA is offering a nonprofit umbrella to help see this project come to life. This means that your donation of any size is a 100% tax-deductible!

Your employer may match donations, check with them and come out in the park!

You can also become an Associate Producer with a $1,000 donation or a Co-Producer with a $2,000 donation and help us continue on the road to telling the stories of Kaval Park!

As a Bulgarian emigrant of 22 years who is still very connected to his heritage, gifted producer/director Bogdan Darev recognizes the role of film in preserving Bulgaria’s rich cultural heritage. The Kaval Park documentary film series and the one of a kind accompanying kaval making instructional video are not only about and for Bulgarians, but an important document of authenticity for all cultures to recognize a part of themselves in. With his last documentary "This Baba" Bogdan Darev proved that a documentary journey can also be a cinematic one, a visual poem full of music, emotion and stories for audiences across all ages and cultures to connect to.

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